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Taking Back the Future

AI and robotics will change the world. They just need you.

Computers and robots are our servants. At least, that's how most people see them.

But a new generation of tech beasts realise they are becoming our collaborators and creative partners. These machines are starting to work with us: not for us.

The average person on the street might not get it. Coders, hackers and engineers? They recognise that as the era of narrow AI is replaced by general AI, life is about to change forever.

Digital radicals are already joining forces with AI to design video games and create new music genres. And they're leaving to competition in the dust. But that's just the start. Soon living in space and working with AI-powered robots will be normal.

We all know NASA and the ESA are pushing to have more robots in space. Their work is important, but you don't need a multi-billion-dollar budget to plot humanity's journey through the stars.

The people shaping the future should be the ones that will live in it longest. And the best ideas don't always come from the society's elites. There needs to be a way for technology's true rebels – whatever their status, gender, race, sexuality or class – to have their say.

Robonetica was set up to help make that happen. The team are building AI-programmable robots with connected robotics software frameworks. But those technologies are nothing without you. In fact, they've been made to let you build the robots and AI solutions that will define the future.

Robonetica is a platform for your ideas, intelligence and creativity. Maybe you have a vision for the roles robots could play when cities become established in space? Perhaps you know what should be on the first rockets to launch from the in-development UK spaceport? You might even have an idea for how machine learning can revolutionise autonomous vehicles down here on Earth?

Whatever you have in mind, keep an eye on Robonetica. We'll soon be sharing a number of initiatives that give you ways to design and build AI-powered robots that could change what it is to be human.

Tomorrow is what we make of it. Let's make it together.

Will Freeman

Ever wanted to explore Mars with an AI robot that you have coded?

Robonetica makes AI programmable robots with connected robotics software frameworks. We run a number of different educational programs, dedicated to all tech monsters and digital natives out there.

We believe AI and Robotics should be easily accessible to everyone


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